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Spring Fiber Adventure Trip
by Lisa
on 04/06/17 04:10 pm
by LMBDesigns on 04/06/17 4:04 pm

Last weekend, I hosted the annual Spring Fiber Adventure Trip to the Delaware Water Gap in the New Hope, PA area. I was joined by seven lovely ladies (and one lovely gent who came along for the ride). We stayed at the Ash Mill Farm in Holicong, PA, which is a working sheep farm, went to the annual Alpaca Shearing Festival at Woods Edge Farm in Stockton, NJ, and I taught three workshops in a barn at the Farm. Here's a recap of our trip!

Participants from L to R: Me, Kristi, Karen, Catherine, Renee, Harriet, Sue, Rose


Knitting and Chatting with Wine and Cheese
On Friday night, we all met after dinner at the Farm and enjoyed a little wine and cheese while knitting around the huge wooden table in the cozy kitchen.

Harriet commented thatshe was grateful to our Innkeeper, Linda, for allowing us to take over her dining area for us to schmooz, knit and chat.

From L to R: Harriet, Catherine, Rose, Kristi, Neil, Karen

Alpaca Shearing Festival

On Saturday morning, we went to Woods Edge Farm for their annual Alpaca Shearing Festival. Alpacas get a haircut once a year, and each farm does it the same time each year for optimum fiber production. The farms hire professional shearers, who travel around the country to shear these animals- they can do almost 200 in one day! While the alpacas get a haircut, they also get their toenails clipped, and an immunization shot. We were also lucky enough to see two newborn baby alpaca, called "cria". One was one day old, and the other was only two days old! As usual, Harriet had to pet all of the babies!

Nuno Felting Workshop
On Saturday afternoon, I led a class in nuno felting a scarf. This technique bonds loose fiber, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, to create a decorative effect that puckers the fabric. The process wetting and involves rolling up the project on top of pool noodles and rolling them back and forth about 600 times, then rubbing and throwing the scarf many more times to complete the felting process. Karen commented that she loves her gorgeous scarf, even if it's the only one she makes! This class could definitely count as your exercise for the day!


(Harriet provided ponchos for all of us to try to keep us dry!)
Voila, the finished scarves!

Needle Felting Workshop
On Sunday morning, participants got to play with needle felting. Needle felting is the art of drawing or sculpting with wool fiber as the medium and a special barbed needle as the applicator. By punching the needle down through the wool fiber and into the fabric, the wool is bonded to the fabric.

Karen says "Love, love needle-felting and see myself doing more of that!" Everyone made such awesome, cool designs!

Reversible Cable Workshop
We ended our weekend by learning how to make reversible cables by starting my Calatrava Cable Headband pattern. Catherine made hers for her daughter, Lilith, who's 7-1/2. She looks like a wood nymph!


Renee's note to the group sums up the sentiments of all: "I had a great time learning new crafts and spending time with everyone. I gladly call you all my friends and knitting buddies. Thanks for making the weekend so pleasurable."



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