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Meandros Mosaic Mitts KAL: Week 2
by Lisa
on 11/07/16 06:00 am
by LMBDesigns on 11/07/16 6:06 am
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Welcome to week 2 of the #LMBKAL Mosaic Mitts knitalong!

Each KAL post starts with an overview that outlines what we’ll be learning and working on for the week. You should read the “review” section before working on the corresponding “action” section of the pattern. At the end of every KAL post, you’ll receive information on where to post your progress and questions and get a preview of next week!

Week 2 Overview

    • Working Wrong Side Rows
    • Carrying Yarn up Side
  • ACTION: Work Wrist Rows 1-2 of the pattern
    • How to Work Mosaic Stockinette Stitch
  • ACTION: Work Wrist Rows 3-34 of the pattern


Working Wrong Side Rows

You may have already realized this, but there's a shortcut to working the wrong side rows of a mosaic pattern. The wrong side rows in any mosaic pattern are always the reverse of the right side rows: It's what you just did on the prior row, but backwards. So instead of looking at the written pattern, you can just follow the stitches on your needle:
  • Knit the first stitch. Look at the next stitch on your needle: If it's the same color, knit it; if it's the opposite color, slip it. Continue working the row by knitting any stitches that are the same color as the first stitch, and slipping the opposite color stitches.
  • For example on row 6 of the Mosaic Garter Stitch Pattern: The first unnumbered knit stitch is a main color stitch. So, knit all main colored stitches, and slip all contrast colored stitches.
  • For example on row 8 of the Mosaic Garter Stitch Pattern: The first unnumbered knit stitch is a contrast color stitch: knit all contrast colored stitches, and slip all main colored stitches.
Easy, huh?  Keep this in mind as you work the Mosaic Stockinette Stitch section, and you'll breeze right through it!

Carrying Yarn Up Side

In this pattern, there are sections of solid main color (MC) rows in between the mosaic sections: Cuff Rows 17-20, Wrist Rows 1-2, Wrist Rows 33-34, Hand Rows 1-2 and Hand Rows 19-21.

In order to avoid having to cut the contrast color (CC) yarn, then pick it up again to use it in the Mosaic sections, you can carry the CC yarn up the side of your work when working the MC rows.

To do this, twist the working yarn (MC) around the old yarn (CC). Bring the MC yarn to the front, wrap around the CC and move to the back to knit the first stitch. This will catch the CC yarn in the first MC stitch. Keep the CC yarn loose enough to span the distance of the rows carried.

You can do this every two or four rows. So, if you've already worked through row 20 of the Cuff section, do this before you start Row 1 of the Wrist section (if you're not there yet, do it on Row 19 of the Cuff and then Wrist Row 1). Do this again before working Hand Row 1.


Work through Row 2 of the Wrist Section.


How to Work Mosaic Stockinette sTitch

The next pattern worked is the Mosaic Stockinette Stitch pattern. This means that on all Wrong Side (even numbered) rows, you will now be purling, instead of knitting the stitches.
  • On row 1, reading from right to left, knit all of the "white" stitches with your Contrast Color yarn, and slip the "grey" Main Color stitches.
  • Slip the applicable stitches as if to purl (put your needle into the stitch as if you're going to purl it, but just slip it from you left needle to your right needle) with the yarn in back (on the wrong side).
  • After knitting the first stitch, work the 15 pattern stitches between the red lines twice, then knit the last stitch.
  • On row 2, reading from left to right (or just following the stitches on your needle, as described above), purl all of the "white" stitches with your Contrast Color yarn, and slip the "grey" Main Color stitches with the yarn in front (on the wrong side). Since you're now purling the "white" stitches, there's no need to move the yarn before slipping the "grey" stitches.
Continue in this manner, working through Row 30 of the Mosaic Stockinette Stitch Chart.


Work through Row 34 of the Wrist Section.

Ask me questions

During the week, if you have questions, please feel free to post them as comments to this blog post or in the Meandros Mosaic Mitts KAL thread in my Ravelry group here.

Share your project

If you’re on Instagram, you can share photos of your mitts in progress using the hashtag: #LMBKAL. Make sure to tag @LMBDesigns.


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Next week

Next week’s post will discuss how to work the "Hand" and "Finishing" sections. If you don’t get the whole wrist done in a week, that’s okay! Work at your own pace, and I’ll be here to answer your questions as you go.

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