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Noro Shawl KAL FAQ
by Lisa
on 08/02/16 05:30 pm
by LMBDesigns on 08/02/16 5:05 pm
Categories: Knit-Along

Are you ready for next week's Knit-Along, featuring the Noro Crescent Shawl?

I've received so much enthusiasm for my upcoming knit-along (KAL for short), but before we start next week, here's the answers to some questions that have come up, in case you have them too.

This pattern looks complicated, is it hard?
This is a great pattern for a new-ish knitter. If you know how to knit, purl, make a yarnover, and make K2tog and SSK decreases, you can make this beautiful shawl! I’ll take you step by step through the pattern, including how to read the chart, make the S2KP decrease, and create short rows. And you’ll be able to ask questions along the way!

What is the schedule for the KAL?
The knit-along is August 8th through August 29. Every Monday I will post tutorials and tips for working through the pattern. These posts will appear both on my blog, and in my Ravelry group.
- August 8: Cast-ons, reading lace charts, working with stitch markers, how to make a S2KP
- August 15: How to make short rows
- August 22: Options for making the shawl deeper, bind-offs
- August 29: Wrap up and the Grand Prize giveaway!
Please note that I will continue to answer your questions throughout the final week to help you finish your shawl!

How can I sign up for the KAL?
The KAL will happen right here, on my blog, and I'll also be cross-posting in my Ravelry group. To be notified by email of a new blog post (and enter the giveaways), click here and select "I am interested in... Knit-Alongs."

Do I need to do a gauge swatch?
For patterns that require the finished project to fit a certain way (like a sweater, hat or gloves), you should always do a gauge swatch. For a shawl, it's not as critical. If you choose to do a gauge swatch for this project, please note that the pattern gauge is measured after blocking. If made in the Noro Mirai yarn, it will stretch quite a bit upon blocking and will therefore be more open and have fewer stitches per inch than an unblocked swatch.

To do a gauge swatch for this project: Make a 4" x 4" stockinette swatch and soak it in lukewarm water. Then pin around all of the edges of your swatch, pulling tightly. After the swatch is dry, measure the number of stitches over four inches.

Do I need to cast on before the KAL starts?
Nope! The first blog post of the KAL will talk about types of cast-ons and how to calculate yarn needed for a long-tail cast on.

I purchased the magazine at my local retailer, how can I get a copy for my Ravelry Library?
Contact the retailer where you purchased the magazine to get a coupon code to be able to download the pattern for free on Ravelry (and have it saved in your library). If you purchased from a big box store or via the Knitting Fever International app, you can contact KFI directly
via message on Ravelry, and they’ll give you the code.

The pattern is charted, can I get a written pattern?
The pattern in the magazine and the version currently on Ravelry is only charted. In the first week of the KAL, I will  explain how to read charts. If you still prefer a written pattern, a revised pattern with the written instructions will be uploaded to Ravelry during the second week of the KAL. If you already have the pattern in your Ravelry library, you will automatically receive a notification when the update is posted.

Does the shawl use all of the yarn indicated in the pattern?
The pattern specifies two balls of Noro Mirai yarn. Due to yarn consumption irregularities and differences in tension, you may need only one ball. Fortunately I have created a new pattern just for KAL participants, so you can use up your remaining yarn!

Tell me about the giveaways!
Each week, I will hold a random drawing for one of the following:
Ann Tudor's limited edition stitch markers, Noro yarn, or a free pattern from LMB Designs. In order to be eligible for the giveaways, you MUST be signed up for the KAL. To sign up, click here and select "I am interested in... Knit-Alongs."

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